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Wählen Sie Ihr Fahrzeug aus dem Pop-up-Seite und die Verarbeitung Reservierung, um fortzufahren. Daha fazla bilgi için bizi ziyaret edin

Wählen Sie Ihr Fahrzeug aus dem Pop-up-Seite und die Verarbeitung Reservierung, um fortzufahren. Daha fazla bilgi için bizi ziyaret edin

Abholung Stadt
Rückgabe Stadt
Abholung Datum / Uhr
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How can I make a reservation?

It consists of three process it is easy From steps.

1. Expand the date and place you rent from want
2- Our vehicle selection 
3. Enter your contact info to you veform

Process is considered complete when after booking. To make a reservation for the section in the left upper corner of the main page of our website by filling did the necessary information, '' MID 'Click on the Print button to. Choose your car from the pop-up page, and processing reservations, I fortzufahr that. You can fill in the required and the reservation information ausfüll that. Mail to your e-mail address for your booking confirmation is sent, is after the transaction completed. You can also and a telephone reservations. After booking, you will not receive notification e-mails please check your e-mail address to check whether you have written.
Get as i put my car?

If you have made a reservation with the condition of the car at the airport, Capital Rent a Car from a sign welcomes people with a, which is written your name. If you have booked a hotel or delivery jet address, Rent Capital a car by an employee at the hotel or at the address you give your car to deliver.
Rent and reporting?

We can rent with unlimited kilometers the vehicles. Nearby airport pick-up and drop-tools are free. However, the car a distance of 5 km will be to your address Capital Rent a Car "delivered in addition to fees raised that, if more than 2 YTL per kilometer.
Insurance and insurance fee vehicles are included in the price on our website.

fully Insurance
theft insurance 
LCF (rubber, headlights, glass) Insurance
Vehicle damage insurance 
24.07 Breakdown 
Unlimited Air kilometer
Airport Delivery for free
3. The party liability insurance 

Festgebüh is indicated in our system, in addition to the results that you make a reservation and later options no, a fee is. Price on our site is always up to date. Can you reserve your request Term of Use. Affected by our side on price change possible.
Wide was paid?
English lira, euros, US dollars. or you can pay with your credit card or with
May I cancel my reservation?

1 week to request you to cancel your reservation.
What should I do in case of accident?

Without moving vehicles to 154 of the Verkehrspolize must achieve. Transport, Kopi the report a part of alcohol and in another accident insurance should be the vehicles did hit.

The car, t Applicable someone else?

Tool to use the on the other side you have and the details of the license under Drawing the contract to pregnant.

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