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-How can I make a reservation?

Your processor is Consists of 3 simple steps.

1. The selection of the date and place you want to rent
2. Our vehicle selection
3. Entering your contact information to send the veform

Considered After your booking process is complete. To make a reservation for the section in the top left corner of the main page of our website by filling in the required information, '' MID '' Click on the button. Choose your vehicle from the pop-up page and processing reservation button to continue. You can complete the booking process by filling out the required information. mail that is sent to your email address confirming your booking after the transaction is completed. You can also make a reservation by phone as well. After making your reservation, you do not receive any notification e-mails please check your e-mail address if you have to write.
How will I receive my Car?

If you have made a reservation with the condition of your car at the airport, Capital Rent a Car from a staff will be greeted with a sign that your name is from the writer. If you've booked a hotel or delivery at any address, Capital Rent a Car from a staff member at the hotel or at the address you specify will deliver your vehicle.
Rental Prices and coverage?

We can hire with unlimited mileage vehicles. Near the airport pick-up and drop tools are free. However, the car delivered to your address Capital Rent a Car 'a distance of 5 km will be charged additional fees if more than 2 YTL per kilometer.
insurance of vehicles and insurance fees are included in all prices listed on our website.

full Insurance
Theft insurance
LCF (rubber, headlights, glass) Insurance
Vehicle Damage Insurance
7/24 Roadside Assistance
Unlimited Mileage
Free Airport Delivery
3rd parties Liability Insurance

Fixed fee Unspecified in our system, in the results that you make a reservation and later no way be an additional charge. prices on our site is always up to date. You can book your desired date. Affected by changes in price possible on our website. 
How do we share?
Turkish Lira, Euro, US dollars. or you can pay with your credit card or with 
May I cancel my reservation?

Tool from the date of purchase, you may request to cancel your reservation up to 1 week.
What should I do in case of accident?

Without moving vehicles must be reached to 154 from the traffic police. Traffic, a copy of the report of alcohol and other vehicles involved in an accident insurance should be taken.

The rental car, do Usable by someone else?

on the other is to use the tool, you need to give the details of the license and sign the contract.
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