Kies uw voertuig uit de pop-up pagina en verwerking reserveer-knop om verder te gaan.

Kies uw voertuig uit de pop-up pagina en verwerking reserveer-knop om verder te gaan.

Afhaal informatie
Plaats van aankoop
Keer om
Datum van aankoop / Buying Time
Retour / Return Time
Home blood supply to the reservering makan?

Yours is composed of three simple process to STEPS.

1. The choice of the date and place where you want to rent
2. Select the Our vehicle
3. The import your contact information to the veform the Stura

UW completes considered nadati reservation. To make a reservation for the secteur in the upper left corner of the hoofdpag our website by invull the necessities of information, "MID" Click the button. Choose your vehicle from the pop-up page at processing Reservior button to continue. The blunt booking process through to VULLIEN in invull in data from the necessities. mail that is sent to your e-mail address of your sweat SENT confirmation booking after Transact finished to work. Can also book via phone or the NPCs. After making your reservation, you will not get any puppies to notification emails from CONTROL if you geschrev That your email address.
 Hoa I receive my car?

If you have a reservation Tranquille usefull with Condit your car at the airport, Capital Rent a Car's will be greeted by an employee with a name geschrev goat date of the UW. If you need a hotel or the delivery address each booked wasted open, Human Capital of a car employee of the hotel you specify address, or it will make your vehicle the liver here.
Huurprijz most coverage?

We can rent a vehicle that number Unlimited. Near the airport pickup and drop tools are free. However, the car delivered to your address Capital Rent a Car '5 km will be away from additional charges if more than 2 YTL per kilometer.
insurance insurance vehicle must have all scholarship genotoxicity tar inbegrep on our website pri that.

full Insurance
LCF (rubber, Headlight, the glass) Insurance
Vehicle Damage Insurance
24/7 Roadside Assistance
Unlimited mileage in
Gratis Airport Delivery
Third party liability insurance the

Vasta allowance mentioned in ounces system, which in the résultat you leave and make no reservations manner an additional charge. pri always on our website up to date. The blunt in dem sired book that. Affected by Change in price possible on our website. 
How can we betal that?
Turkish Lira, Euro, US dollars. or can your credit card or betal mete mete
Can I use my reservation Annunen?

1 week until you can ask for your reservation Annunen.
What should I do in case of an accident?

The move should be no Zealand the vehicle reaches the 154 meters of road to politicize. Traffic, a copy of the report of vehicle other alcohol at the betrokk to be in an accident insurance genomic financing.

The car, do's Bruikba by someone else?

On the other blood for use of the tool, the details you need to give the licentia it must to sign the contract.

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